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Beyond Analytics

Organisations have become so complex that Boards and management cannot 'see' the true state of their organisations and thus have only tenuous control. Without visibility, direction is difficult to the point of being impossible
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Beyond Collaboration

The buzz words of the past decade, "collaboration" and "teaming" have become standard fare for the modern corporation. But overcoming the inherent conflicts between stakeholders requires a different approach, one that allows business leaders to be far more effective within short time frames
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Beyond Managing Information

Information. We've all got it. With oceans more of it washing in daily. A person today is exposed to more information in a single day than our ancestors saw in a whole lifetime. But short of growing a head the size of Jupiter, how can leaders make sense of it all in time to do anything about it?
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Beyond the Silos

Each silo of the business - accounts, engineering, marketing etc, maintains its own little "world within a world". Each has latitude on decisions and operates individual budgets and hirings. But these traditional structures hold their origins in the paper-dominated world of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
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John Burrows

John Burrows,
Executive Chairman


Current Focus - Australia


In October 2013, the Australian Federal Government increased the debt ceiling by 60%, taking it to half a trillion dollars. This move underlines the fact that Australia, as with most developed economies continues to suffer from the global downturn.

Despite this, we at Latent Technologies International Ltd believe that the path to recovery will be based on the fostering and promotion of smart technology, smart leadership and smart investment strategies. Our current project, Latent Xchange™ is geared towards helping companies and individuals achieve these outcomes.

Continue reading about this initiative here:

Why Latent Xchange™ is good for Latent Technologies International Ltd and good for Australia

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